Insurance Market Technologies

The Mission of the Project lies in creation of a media structure on the Russian market promoting the ideas encouraging market growth and enhancement of its civility, at the same time consolidating the interests of its leading players and reflecting a broad spectrum of interests.

Immediate targets of the Project are as follows:

  • legislative fixation of the concept of "electronic insurance policy" in Russia and development of "electronic sales" mechanisms;
  • introduction of the international insurance standards such as ACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development, in Russia;
  • facilitation of transition of insurance companies to the IFRS accounting;
  • improvement of technologies of interaction between insurance companies and their partners;
  • elaboration of the legislative regime maximally favoring life insurance development;
  • active introduction of product and technological innovations on the Russian market that are successful by experience of the Western market, for example, such insurance programs as Pay_As_You_Drive;
  • training of the personnel of insurance companies and their partners by creating quality programs for preparation of field experts and widespread implementation of distance learning;
  • wide introduction of actuarial practices and risk management in the field;
  • insurance image enhancement;
  • increase of the level of social responsibility of insurance companies and their partners.

The issues on insurance standardization will become one of the main business dimensions in the framework of the project in the nearest future.


ACORD LOMA Forum in Las Vegas

Oleg Manevich and Aleksey Egorov, Managing Directors of the project “Insurance Market Technologies” (certified member of ACORD), attended the event.

Russian insurance carriers agreed on cooperation with ACORD

Representatives of Russian insurance carriers signed today the Memorandum on interaction of participants of the Russian insurance market with ACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development). The document confirms the intentions of the Parties to cooperate in order to implement the standards and the best world practices in the Russian insurance field.

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